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Bakery Boys Martial Arts Gym

10 - Sep - 2014

Bakery Boys martial arts Club Kickboxing wrestling & MMA Cardiff Catch wrestling Club Kickboxing Club


The Baker Boys Martial Arts Club.

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TRIPLEMA-Modern Mixed Martial Arts

The home of MMA in Cardiff.

We are based at the UFC gym on city rd, a spacious martial arts & fitness centre. The Ultimate Fitness Centre.

Two large matted rooms, boxing ring, bag area & crash mats means we can train hard but in a safe environment.

The gym offers a large weights & Cardio area with a full T-Rez steel frame. A sauna, solarium, showers & relaxation area makes this a place you can train in for hours.

TripleMA-was set up eight years ago in the pursuit of creating an MMA fighting system that will stand you in good sted for life. We teach Catch Wrestling as our favoured grappling system mixed with elements of judo & amature olympic wrestling. Chute is our favored stand-up with all elements of, esentials are boxing & kickboxing.

We look forward to you training with us.

Training Times.

The club is open from 7am til 10pm at night. We have three classes, small group & one to one training sessions throughout the day & evening 7 days a week.

Not only that there are a wide variety of other classes to choose so as to gain experiance & keep you interested under one roof.








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